Corporate click-bait: How to get (and keep) the attention of your organization

Posted by Eileen Fernandes, Caroline Tickler, Katharine Caputo, Danielle John, and Rebecca Perez on August 17, 2018.

Trending topics. Live video. Chatbots. Streaming entertainment. Augmented reality. Social media activism. Our world keeps changing faster, which means we are constantly adapting to new realities. How can organizations compete for the attention of their employees in a click-bait society? Not by fighting the changes, but by embracing them. Start by considering these six key communications shifts happening across organizations.

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Two truths and a lie

Insights from the 2017 Human Capital Technology and Service Provider Day

Two truths and a lie
Posted by Dave Smith on June 8, 2017.

Each year, Deloitte Consulting LLP brings together our key fellow members in the HR ecosystem—HR technology and service providers—to talk about the future of sustainable HR and the health of the ecosystem we share. Last year’s Provider Day event focused on the theme Understanding and serving the HR buyer and included our first-ever HR buyer guest panel. This year we gained considerable insights from providers on our theme, Sustainable HR: Agile evolution for the future. We were especially interested in perspectives that providers shared with our own Deloitte Consulting human capital leaders during social times and one-to-one meetings, and this article reflects our informal poll of participants about the key themes from the event.

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The path to HR sustainability

From the digital workplace to digital HR to sustainable HR

The path to HR sustainability
Posted by Michael Gretczko on October 27, 2016.

For those of us active in the realm of HR and business, “digital HR” and the “digital workplace” have been hot topics. But as is often the case with new terminology and buzzwords, they can mean different things to different people. We’ve thought a lot about the challenges HR faces and the role of “digital” in addressing them, and it’s more encompassing than many of the definitions we’ve seen. The digital workplace is what powers digital HR, which in turn enables HR to sustain itself in the face of disruption.

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Agility through workforce analytics

Putting the possible into practice

Posted by Erica Volini on February 29, 2016

Analytics capability is a top human capital trend. Two of the 10 trends in Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2015 report directly focused on analytics, and as we prepare to launch the 2016 report in the next couple of weeks, I can tell you that analytics will remain a top trend. Analytics is seen as critical, and our research shows its use is climbing rapidly, in part due to an influx of new supportive technology. That said, many organizations are still wrestling with how to use analytics to inform workforce-related decision making.

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Using Big Data to ease a big challenge: Tax management for business travelers

Using Big Data to ease a big challenge

Posted by Lorraine Cohen and John Jennings on May 29, 2014

A long-standing, widely known — but sometimes ignored — tax requirement calls for income tax to be paid to the jurisdiction where work is actually performed. So, organizations with employees who travel to other states or other countries for business purposes should, in most cases, be tracking their employee’s travel in order to remit taxes to those locations where compensation reporting and withholding is required. (Requirements vary in a few states and, by country, according to treaty policies.) Even if employers fail to withhold and remit the required taxes, employees themselves are obligated to do so. With taxing authorities paying more attention to this requirement, and with the potential (and precedence) to incur substantial penalties for noncompliance, organizations would be wise to evaluate their current practices and remediate any shortfalls — the sooner the better.

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Live from SuccessConnect – Taking in the View at the Intersection of Talent and Technology


Posted by David Parent on October 10, 2013

I have the privilege today of presenting at SuccessConnect with my client from The Kroger Company — a Top 25 Fortune 500 company with more than 340,000 employees. Our teams have worked together for the past 18 months to deploy SuccessFactors to transform the company’s talent functions. The real story, though, is not about “how” the deployment is happening, but rather why it’s happening and what it could mean for the company in the future. I think the same is true for most organizations implementing talent technologies.

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Hot from the HR Technology Conference and SuccessConnect

Talent Analytics

Posted by Josh Bersin on October 9, 2013

This week at the HR Technology Conference and SuccessFactors SuccessConnect, we are releasing two years of research in the area of talent analytics. After interviewing more than 50 companies and surveying nearly 500 organizations, we found an enormous opportunity for Human Resources organizations to improve their impact on the business through BigData principles applied to HR.

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Live from Workday Rising: The Emergence of Big Data in HR

Live from Workday Rising: The Emergence of Big Data in HR

Posted by Josh Bersin on September 10, 2013

This week at the Workday Rising conference, we are previewing our new research on Talent Analytics, which explains how companies are starting to build Big Data strategies around their people. Workday’s new product offering, Workday Big Data Analytics, brings together Big Data technology (Hadoop and other tools) with Workday’s object oriented database to make analytics easier and more approachable than ever before. But even with tools like Workday’s tool, the challenge is one of strategy, skills, process, and structure.

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