Talent challenges in US manufacturing amplified in global chemical industry

Shoring up your organizational governance and awareness

Posted by Duane Dickson and Marcus Johnson on October 28, 2015.

As discussed previously in HR Times, the US manufacturing industry faces significant talent challenges that threaten its future (see If you build it, will they come?, Uptick in manufacturing focuses attention on human capital, and Beating the skills shortage). The global chemical industry shares many of these same challenges, in particular: (1) impending retirement of older employees. (2) skills shortages among the generation that will replace retirees, and (3) the general unpopularity of the industry as an employer of choice. These talent challenges are amplified by intense changes in the industry itself, ranging from constrained margins and increasing cyclicality to activist investors and a dramatic decline in new product introductions. From our observations and experience with clients, many in the industry recognize that problems exist, but either aren’t acting with a sense of urgency or are paralyzed by the sheer magnitude of the challenge to take action to address it.

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Take the Road Less Traveled

5 Steps to Building Career Paths that Can Benefit Your Business and Your People

Road Less Travelled

Posted by Ina Gantcheva and Amy A. Titus on January 28, 2014

Opportunities for career progression — or lack thereof — are both the No. 1 retention incentive and the No. 1 driver of turnover cited in Deloitte’s report Talent Edge 2020: Building the recovery together. When asked what would keep them with their current employer, 54% of employees surveyed cited opportunities for promotion/advancement over compensation, bonuses, benefits, or any other reason, while 28% cited “lack of career progress” as their top reason for looking for a new job. In the same survey, 48% of respondents rated their employer only “poor” or “fair” in creating career paths. Clearly employers have an opportunity here. Leading organizations are already using career paths to attract and develop multifaceted talent and build a competitive talent brand. Here are 5 steps to get started.

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What’s on the minds of CLOs?

What’s on the minds of CLOs?

Posted by Amy A. Titus and Josh Haims on December 3, 2013

Through our work and discussion with well over a hundred Chief Learning Officers (CLOs), we’ve observed their increasing interest in understanding the many moving forces that are impacting the marketplace and workplace on a global level. There’s a sense that CLOs, like the world around them, are in motion. We examine five forces below that are contributing to this concept of moving forces.

Reconciling global and local
We’re seeing a new urgency around a conversation that’s been ongoing for several years — the topic is how to organize and scale learning operations to support the global enterprise; the urgency is around knowing what actually works. How are companies achieving consistency across the enterprise but still allowing flexibility for certain regions, businesses, or disciplines? It’s a far more strategic conversation today about the complex process of building and sustaining a workable, agile learning operation.

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