Change your mindset about change

Posted by Chris Havrilla, on June 23, 2020.

The inspiration for our High-Impact Technology Strategy research was less about technology and more about solving a puzzle. Organizations spend big money on their HR technology and expect it to drive change and transform the HR function, the organization, and the overall workforce. But why weren’t they realizing the promise, outcomes, or value from their digital transformation? Why didn’t transformation occur? Our research shows the answer may be because organizations didn’t approach these factors like a puzzle.
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Building engaging onboarding experiences in the context of virtual work

Posted by Denise MoultonMackenzie Wilson, Matt Deruntz on June 5, 2020.

Facing significant workplace disruption, today’s organizations have had to quickly rethink their talent processes and practices. Top of mind for many of these organizations is how best to support remote work. One critical aspect of talent work is the design of virtual onboarding experiences. High-performing organizations1 understand the importance of addressing onboarding as a companywide, integrated initiative that promotes belonging and enables productivity.2 How can organizations use the “new normal” to reconceptualize the traditional onboarding experience to help individuals onboard virtually?

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