Re-engaging Your Workforce

10 Moments that Matter

Re-engaging Your Workforce

Posted by Sean Morris and Patrick Nealon on November 21, 2013

By now, the importance of an engaged workforce and its impact on the bottom line and mission success are well documented. In the past 10 years, a cottage industry – or larger – of boutique firms, coaches, and “new” tools have sprung up to help organizations better measure and assess how engaged their employees are. Several threads exist across these employee engagement services, including tying morale to business outcomes, developing new channels for communication across an enterprise, and promoting more meaningful face-to-face time between employees and managers. All good suggestions, but what are the concrete actions people can take to improve engagement, especially when times are tough?

What we’ve discovered at Deloitte is that regardless of the industry or organization, there are opportunities – “moments that matter” – that spark engagement. More so than “what” is done, these moments boil down to “how” it’s done. It is these moments and the “how” of what occurs that deepens connections and builds lasting relationships, creating value for those involved.

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