Creating the exponential professional

This post is the third in a three-part series on the exponential professional, focused on how professionals, organizations, and regulatory bodies can bridge the gap between the professional of today and the exponential professional of tomorrow.

Posted by Darryl Wagner, and Caroline Bennet on April 10, 2018.

John, a property insurance underwriter, reviews satellite images and property data identified as a potential significant risk by cognitive technologies. Jane, an actuary employed by an insurance company, reviews a financial report produced by a bot and ponders how the company should respond to the increased claim costs highlighted in the report. John and Jane are exponential professionals who are employed in a future workplace transformed by rapidly developing technology. Such professionals rely heavily on deliverables produced by cognitive technology, and augment that technology with their uniquely human skill sets.

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Take the Road Less Traveled

5 Steps to Building Career Paths that Can Benefit Your Business and Your People

Road Less Travelled

Posted by Ina Gantcheva and Amy A. Titus on January 28, 2014

Opportunities for career progression — or lack thereof — are both the No. 1 retention incentive and the No. 1 driver of turnover cited in Deloitte’s report Talent Edge 2020: Building the recovery together. When asked what would keep them with their current employer, 54% of employees surveyed cited opportunities for promotion/advancement over compensation, bonuses, benefits, or any other reason, while 28% cited “lack of career progress” as their top reason for looking for a new job. In the same survey, 48% of respondents rated their employer only “poor” or “fair” in creating career paths. Clearly employers have an opportunity here. Leading organizations are already using career paths to attract and develop multifaceted talent and build a competitive talent brand. Here are 5 steps to get started.

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