Using rewards to cement value in M&A deals

Posted on August 9, 2019.

When two companies become one in an M&A deal, there’s an underlying assumption that the transaction will generate value—otherwise why do it? But realizing projected, anticipated value is not guaranteed, and the human elements of the new organization are as important to realizing value as the financial considerations. When two employee groups come together, how can you make rewards decisions that accommodate the combined individuals’ needs as well as support the overall value of the deal itself? AT&T has considerable experience doing just that.

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Everyone expects (and deserves) fair hiring decisions, so how do we get beyond bias?

Posted on August 2, 2019.

Thanks to a combination of awareness, training, and regulatory oversight, most organizations are acutely aware of the need to remove bias from hiring decisions and take steps to prevent it. So you may find it surprising to learn how many different forms of bias exist and how common it is—still—for bias to creep into decision-making.

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Managing performance in the new workforce ecosystem

Posted on July 26, 2019.

Organizations today are dealing with the evolving needs of the new workforce ecosystem that ranges from full-time workers to freelancers and gig workers. While each of these workers brings the talent and skills to perform their respective jobs, employers need to provide tailored support, guidance, and performance measures to optimize the mix of talent within their workforce. This new workforce ecosystem challenges the traditional methods of performance management and has opened up a debate on whether these methods are still viable and how to better manage this dynamic workforce

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Cultivating meaning in the workplace

Posted on July 19, 2019.

What organization could possibly have a more meaningful, human focus than a children’s hospital? As Genevieve Daniels, Director of Organization Development for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, explains, the hospital recognizes that in order for its employees to provide that human-centered focus for patients and families, they also need to experience it themselves as employees. She discusses the hospital’s multi-pronged investment in keeping its employees grounded in the hospital’s values while at the same time giving them tools and development to be their best selves as individuals. Hear the story in our Capital H podcast: Reinvent with a human focus.

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