Blended HR

Instead of choosing between HR outsourcing and shared services, many companies opt for a blend of both

Blended HR

Posted by Annalie Radburn on October 20, 2015.HR Outsourcing (HRO) and HR Shared Services (HRSS) have been common HR operating models for many years. Both models offer value, and each approach has specific strengths and considerations. While organizations have commonly leaned towards one or the other, in recent years we’ve seen a trend toward a more blended approach. Many organizations are finding they can strategically adopt shared services for certain functions while outsourcing others in order to reap benefits from both models.

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Outsourcing: A Continual Work in Progress

Outsourcing: A Continual Work in ProgressPosted by Michael Gretczko and Marc Mancher on February 14, 2013

Outsourcing has come a long way since it first attracted widespread attention in the 1990s. Where it once generated skepticism among leaders leery of ceding direct control over business processes or IT services, outsourcing is now generally recognized as a potentially valuable and cost-effective way to handle non-core functions. But that’s not to say that organizations have the whens, wheres, and how-tos all figured out. As Deloitte’s 2012 global outsourcing and insourcing survey  results indicate, the nature of the outsourcing relationship between clients and vendors continues to evolve.

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HR Shared Services & Outsourcing: Boldly Going Where They’ve Never Gone Before…A New Future State

HR Shared Services & Outsourcing: Boldly Going Where They've Never Gone Before… A New Future StatePosted by Arthur Mazor

There was a time when simply deploying a shared services model or outsourcing some parts of HR meant your organization was on the leading edge of HR efficiency, effectiveness and compliance. Today that’s not the case. HR shared services and outsourcing are evolving beyond administrative and foundational HR functions (compensation, benefits, employee data, job changes and the like) to encompass even greater-value services, such as workforce analytics, succession planning and employee relations. This new future state ups the ante on shared services or outsourcing arrangements, making them capable of delivering increased strategic value and having greater business impact.

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