Creating the human experience in M&A

Meeting the hierarchy of employee needs

Posted by Ami Louise Rich, Jacqueline Sutro, and Lauren Rogers on August 2, 2019.

M&A deals are simultaneously exciting, potentially rewarding, and by their nature, disruptive. Even when diligence reveals significant opportunities from a proposed transaction, it’s important to remember that inorganic growth signals change, and change often causes fear. Almost instantly, employees may begin to fear for their jobs. Productivity can dip. Rumors may surface about “those other guys at Company X.” Employees may even look at leaders with suspicion. These fears from the people who make the organization run smoothly are legitimate, largely inevitable, and should be addressed quickly and authentically. To do this, leaders can look to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to think through employee concerns and ways to turn the M&A transaction into a powerful human experience.

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