What’s New in Innovation?

What's New in Innovation? Posted by Alice Kwan on October 7, 2011

Many of the executives I talk with are wrestling with how to establish a culture of innovation in their organizations. Driven by forces like M&A activity, the growing need to partner with others in and out of their industry and the ever-present pressure to increase efficiencies and cut costs, they want to know how to expand collaborative thinking and new idea generation beyond the traditional “innovation departments” like R&D and product development.

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Diversity: A Key to the Innovation Engine

Posted by Thom McElroyon July 15, 2011

Perhaps my favorite concept in business is the idea of synergy — the thought that the whole of our ideas is greater than the sum of their parts. It only stands to reason that as leaders bring a variety of ideas, background, experience, and personal history together, the outcome is being able to outpace the competition. Emerging from a world where diversity was about “leveling the playing field,” many companies today are realizing that just the opposite is true — diversity is about raising the bar for the whole organization; it is about gaining competitive advantage.

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