The Big Picture: Practical Considerations before Implementing Talent Management

Many companies recognize talent data improves workforce planning and analytical decisions in helping them meet strategic business goals. As a result, they’re turning to talent management solutions to plug in that missing layer of data. These solutions can supply a wide range of information from compensation to performance to recruitment. But, before pursuing implementation, companies should take a step back for a bigger picture of the challenges they might face and benefits they could achieve, such as greater visibility into employees. This video blog will help companies gain a wider perspective on the impact talent management solutions can have across their enterprises. Plus, it will offer some leading practices as companies move toward implementation.

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Staking HR’s Claim to Social Media

Staking HR's Claim to Social MediaPosted by Stephen Redwood on July 24, 2012

It’s hard to imagine that anyone working in business today hasn’t felt the effects of the powerful and disruptive technology forces that are changing the way we work, play and even live. There’s a new melding of people and technology in this Postdigital™ world, with the pentagon of social, mobility, analytics, cloud and cyber intelligence technologies converging to create Postdigital Enterprises. The boundaries of the postdigital playing field are still being established, making now the time for HR to put its stake in the ground, particularly in the area of social media.

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Unlocking the Value of HR Business Partners

Unlocking the Value of HR Business Partners


This booklet provides Deloitte’s experiences and approach on how to make business partnering work in your organization. It helps you think about some of the critical considerations: Are you thinking about whether your HR Business Partner team has the right attributes? Have you identified three big areas where a strong partnership relationship would add most value to the business? Are you asking your team how they spend their time? How much is really spent on taking
action to drive business performance?

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HR’s Role in the High Stakes M&A Game

HR's Role in the High Stakes M&A GamePosted by Kevin Knowles

A mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) deal can be a transformational opportunity for an organization—opening up new product offerings and markets, filling talent gaps, improving operational performance and more. Much of its potential, however, depends on senior leaders playing the right cards, before, during and after the deal. Human Resource (“HR”) leaders can help them do that.

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What’s New in Innovation?

What's New in Innovation? Posted by Alice Kwan on October 7, 2011

Many of the executives I talk with are wrestling with how to establish a culture of innovation in their organizations. Driven by forces like M&A activity, the growing need to partner with others in and out of their industry and the ever-present pressure to increase efficiencies and cut costs, they want to know how to expand collaborative thinking and new idea generation beyond the traditional “innovation departments” like R&D and product development.

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The Evolving Dual Role of HR in Managing Risk

The Evolving Dual Role of HR in Managing RiskPosted by Michael Fuchs on September 9, 2011

The HR function has traditionally been the “stewards” responsible for managing internal HR compliance and regulatory risks in its direct area of responsibility. Recruiting, hiring, compensation and pension/401(k) plans have long been in HR’s purview and as regulatory requirements in these areas have grown, so has HR’s compliance burden. But these aren’t the only areas affected by an increasingly regulated business environment. Other parts of the organization are also feeling the pain of managing and mitigating risk and it’s here that HR leaders can add strategic insight and value.

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Scaling the Lattice or Clinging to the Ladder?

Posted by Andrew Liakopoulos on August 25, 2011

Few of us work the same way now as we did (or our parents did) over 20 years ago. Workplaces are moving away from the corporate ladder, with its top-down hierarchy, vertical career path and career versus life dilemma and toward a flatter, more collaborative, Corporate Lattice structure that offers more options for getting work done and defining a career. (See From ladder to lattice: The shift is on.)

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Diversity: A Key to the Innovation Engine

Posted by Thom McElroyon July 15, 2011

Perhaps my favorite concept in business is the idea of synergy — the thought that the whole of our ideas is greater than the sum of their parts. It only stands to reason that as leaders bring a variety of ideas, background, experience, and personal history together, the outcome is being able to outpace the competition. Emerging from a world where diversity was about “leveling the playing field,” many companies today are realizing that just the opposite is true — diversity is about raising the bar for the whole organization; it is about gaining competitive advantage.

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Building Enterprise Risk Intelligence™ through Smart Learning and Development

Put Yourself on the Fast TrackPosted by Josh Haims on January 6, 2011

The pressure on organizations to address enterprise risk is unlike any we’ve seen before, perhaps because the scale and scope of risk is unprecedented. Certainly, in the wake of the financial crisis and ensuing reforms, regulatory and compliance risk looms large in the financial sector, as well as in health care, with its similarly sweeping reforms. We also anticipate supply chain risk for manufactures, competitive risk for retailers and brand and reputational risk virtually across the board, given the rise in social media and the potential power of global social networks to rapidly shift large groups of people for or against a product or company.

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