Have You Built Your Retention Firewall?

Have You Built Your Retention Firewall?Posted by Robin Erickson on March 23, 2012

Your company is likely protected by a firewall to keep cyber-intruders out of your IT systems and private or proprietary data in. Firewalls like these often include multiple levels and layers of protection throughout the IT network (e.g., gateway, server, client) that are integrated to work together—a sort of deadbolt + guard dog + alarm system approach to security.

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What’s New in Innovation?

What's New in Innovation? Posted by Alice Kwan on October 7, 2011

Many of the executives I talk with are wrestling with how to establish a culture of innovation in their organizations. Driven by forces like M&A activity, the growing need to partner with others in and out of their industry and the ever-present pressure to increase efficiencies and cut costs, they want to know how to expand collaborative thinking and new idea generation beyond the traditional “innovation departments” like R&D and product development.

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