Rollouts, Takeaways Extend #IMPACTHR 2013

HR Times Video Blog from IMPACT 2013 Conference

Impact 2013Posted on May 22, 2013

The conference itself may have ended, but the effects of IMPACT 2013 live on. Every year, this “intimate gathering” gives several hundred HR and training professionals the chance to learn, share, think, plan, and even decompress a bit as they strategize about The Business of Talent® and all the science, technology, research, and experience behind it.

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Today at IMPACT: Finding Your Way in the Shifting Ethos

Impact 2013

Posted by Cathy Benko on April 24, 2013

Do you ever feel like you’re the lead actor in an oxymoron? For example, unemployment is high yet there is a talent shortage. It’s a global economy, yet in his keynote speech yesterday,  “The World is Local—High-Impact HR”  Josh Bersin tells us it’s more local than ever. We seek one-size-fits-all customized work experiences. You flex like Gumby, yet CEOs are saying HR is the least agile of all the business functions.

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