“The reality is, leaders are not developed in schools”

Video Blog: Debunking the Superman Myth

Superman Myth

Posted by William Pelster on July 25, 2013

“The reality is, leaders are not developed in schools” It’s also reality that leadership — finding it, cultivating it, keeping it — consistently ranks as a Top 3 priority for CEOs in survey after survey, whether conducted by Deloitte or other entities. What has changed, though, is the notion of what effective leadership looks like. We’ve moved beyond the myth of the “perfect” leader to realize that leadership looks different and requires different skill sets depending on the situation and environment — leading a team at corporate is not the same as leading a team in the field in Beijing or Bangalore. Business has grown too complex and multidimensional to expect one person to have the necessary skills to excel in any situation. Instead, leadership today is about building a bench of leaders with varied skills that are in tune with the organization’s priorities and goals. That kind of development takes time and the commitment to provide leaders with varied, authentic experiences that challenge them to solve problems in the real-world, rather than in a classroom. Organizations that make it part of their business model to develop and redevelop their leaders will be the ones that can not only attract and retain valuable leadership talent, but also deploy it to their advantage.

Listen in now with HR Times and Bill Pelster as he discusses the 2013 Human Capital Trend: Debunking the Superman Myth.


What’s driving the Human Capital Debunking trend?

Every time we take a look at either an internal Deloitte survey or any surveys that are done of CEOs by other agencies or entities, leadership is always the first, second, or third top priority out there, and in many cases, it is the number one priority for leaders and it is leadership beyond just the C-suite, it is leadership around succession, it is leadership around all levels in the organization having the right people in the right spot at all levels in organization, and then having leaders available to actually react to what is happening in the marketplace or to execute your business strategy. So when we talk about thinking through a trend, this leadership one just continues to be a top priority for many of our executives out there

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It’s the Future: Are You Ready?

It's the Future: Are You Ready? Posted by Jeff Schwartz on September 23, 2011

Prior to the recession, the emerging economies of China, India, Brazil and others represented the growth markets of the future. After the recession, that future has arrived — redirecting companies to compete globally for both customers and talent. But how have global markets changed and where should HR executives be focusing their attention?

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Exploring the Safe Harbor in Health Care Reform

Posted by Steve Kraus on July 28, 2011

By now, many of the executives I talk with, both in HR and Finance, have realized that health care reform isn’t going away — and by health care reform I don’t mean simply the “poster child” Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA). Heath care is changing on many fronts, from clinical science to information technology to Medicare and FDA transformation to the very way doctors, hospitals, insurers and patients interact. Every employer is impacted and the issue goes well beyond the compliance aspect of reform that garnered so much attention last year.

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