Finding an Authentic Leadership Voice

Finding an Authentic Leadership Voice

Posted by Tom Morrison on August 7, 2013

In Deloitte’s recent survey of 1,300 business and HR leaders in 59 countries, 61 percent of respondents around the world (64 percent in the U.S.) consider the need to improve leadership development to be a top, highly relevant trend today. That finding certainly jibes with what we hear from clients, and from my experiences recently at a well-known leadership conference. There I interacted with a broad range of executives from all parts of their organizations, with the consensus that gaps in the leadership pipeline are a pressing concern and that the leadership development and mobility programs many have been cultivating over the last 20 years or so aren’t getting the job done.

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Leadership by Design

Leadership by DesignPosted by Neil Neveras and Eric Berger on November 10, 2011

“If I just had better leaders, I could _________”

That’s what I hear over and over from the companies with whom I work. Whether they fill in the blank with “expand into new markets” or “meet increasing regulatory demands” or “transform the company”—or some other pressing issue—they know that improved leadership is critical to meeting the challenge. What they are unsure of, however, is how to develop the leaders they need.

We see leadership development as a process—one that starts with getting crystal clear about your company’s top strategic priorities, then figuring out where your leadership gaps lie relative to those priorities and finally taking targeted actions (more than one!) to close the gaps. Like solving other business challenges, leadership development requires a systemic solution that considers many factors in an organized, thoughtful way.

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