Shifting to high-performance teams without stalling out

Posted by Tiffany McDowell on September 11, 2019.

If working primarily in teams is the future of work—and we think it is, given today’s rapidly changing, unpredictable, complex challenges—then organizations need to be set up to enable and support teaming. It’s more than bringing together a smart group of people to work on an identified challenge, it’s about unlocking the power of the group. How you define the mission, who you assign to the team, the resources you give them, the collaboration tools you provide, and the organizational support you offer—all of those things are essential to building the mindset and muscle to boost productivity through teams.
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Using M&A to reach the Future of HR

Posted by Tom Joseph, Kyle Forrest, and Blair Moldoff on June 28, 2019.

It’s Wednesday morning. Harry, an HR Business Partner at a large corporation, has just returned from a business unit leadership meeting. Competition is continuing to grow, uncertainty in the markets is increasing, and leadership has decided that an acquisition is needed. Facing this critical business move, Harry thinks about HR’s previous role in the company’s M&A deals, which hasn’t been particularly robust, mostly weighing in on compensation and benefits. He knows HR can play a more strategic role.

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What’s next for the HR Operating Model?

Exploring how HR works in a new study

Posted by Jeff Mike and Denise Moulton on June 21, 2019.

In Bersin’s most recent High-Impact HR study,1 we found that high-performing HR organizations design worker experiences with an eye on the Future of HR and the continuous change it brings. These high performers also fuse advanced technologies and workflows to create agile HR solutions and focus on more seamless interactions between workers and the organization. The findings depict the “what” of High-Impact HR: the strategies, purpose, culture, and mindsets of high-performing HR. Now, with our new study, we’re taking a deeper dive into the “how” of High-Impact HR—the design, strategies, and innovations in the HR operating model to create and sustain measurable impact. We invite you to participate in our exploration and help shape the future of HR.

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What’s a unified engagement platform?

A way for HR to enable interactions that create value, provide a Simply Irresistible workforce experience, and shift to the Future of HR

Posted by Arthur Mazor, Jeff Mike, and Michael Stephan on April 5, 2019.

Over 2,000 guests joined our recent live discussion about Reimagining HR for the Future as part of Deloitte’s Dbriefs HR Executives Series. One of the participants asked for additional insights on a “unified engagement platform.”¬ Great question!

A unified engagement platform (UEP) is an essential Future of HR “enabler,” integrating the array of technologies so critical to creating a Simply IrresistibleTM workforce experience. While not necessarily deployed on a single software, the UEP brings together mobile, desktop, IoT, and digital/augmented/virtual reality technologies, presenting them in a way that makes it easy for workers to engage with information, actions, and each other for increased productivity and a consumer-grade experience.

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Polishing the HR lens

One of the four shifts for the Future of HR

Posted by Arthur Mazor, Kraig Eaton, and Joanne Stephane on February 15, 2019.

Three futures are happening now simultaneously: Future of Enterprise, Future of Workforce, and Future of How Work Gets Done, causing a new Future of HR to emerge. We’re exploring each of the four shifts HR needs to make to step into the future: mind-set, focus, lens, and enablers. Today, we’re looking at HR through a different lens, one that sees HR moving from a history of compliance and control to strategic partner, and now toward trust, empowerment, and business leadership enabled by a High-Impact HR Operating Model that helps HR flex to meet dynamic business needs.

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Mind-set over matter

One of the four shifts for the future of HR

Posted by Garth Andrus, Dana Swanson Switzer, Arthur Mazor, and Michael Stephan on January 8, 2019.

It’s a changed world out there, and the future of the enterprise, the workforce, and how work gets done demands a new future of HR. We’re exploring each of the four shifts HR needs to make to step into the future: mind-set, focus, lens, and enablers. Today we’re tackling the mind-set shift needed to adopt new traits, behaviors, and ways of working for thriving in the digital age. It’s more than just doing digital things like creating apps or adopting digital technology and automation. It’s about reshaping an enterprise’s culture to act with agility and collaboration.

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The future of HR is built on a digital mind-set

Posted by Arthur Mazor and Michael Stephan on December 21, 2018.

We’ve been having many discussions in recent years about various disruptions affecting all businesses—but what does this all mean for HR? Now more than ever, HR is being asked to take the lead on behalf of the enterprise in making shifts and changes to thrive amid constant disruption. One of four major shifts HR must make to prepare for the future is to help the enterprise build a digital mind-set—from doing digital to being digital. Why? Because it’s critical to addressing three very different futures affecting all of us: the future of enterprise, the future of the workforce, and the future of how work gets done. Nobody is better positioned than CHROs and HR leaders to take the lead in preparing themselves—and their enterprises—to thrive in this new world of work.

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