What’s a unified engagement platform?

A way for HR to enable interactions that create value, provide a Simply Irresistible workforce experience, and shift to the Future of HR

Posted by Arthur Mazor, Jeff Mike, and Michael Stephan on April 5, 2019.

Over 2,000 guests joined our recent live discussion about Reimagining HR for the Future as part of Deloitte’s Dbriefs HR Executives Series. One of the participants asked for additional insights on a “unified engagement platform.”¬ Great question!

A unified engagement platform (UEP) is an essential Future of HR “enabler,” integrating the array of technologies so critical to creating a Simply IrresistibleTM workforce experience. While not necessarily deployed on a single software, the UEP brings together mobile, desktop, IoT, and digital/augmented/virtual reality technologies, presenting them in a way that makes it easy for workers to engage with information, actions, and each other for increased productivity and a consumer-grade experience.

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