Is anyone listening when you speak?

3 ways to break through the information overload

Posted by Eileen Fernandes, Elizabeth Lascaze, Danielle John,and Rebecca Perez on May 2, 2019.

The average employee receives approximately 120 emails per day.1 Buried in those 120 emails is every survey request, compliance update, and company newsletter you’ve ever sent. Your other rivals are the myriad IMs, texts, popups, meeting reminders, and cat memes hitting your employees daily, and the precious resource you are competing for is their mindshare. Today we have more information available at our fingertips than ever before. More than 3.1 million gigabytes of internet data are used by Americans, every minute.2 No wonder more than two-thirds of employees nationwide are disengaged with their work;3 it’s a data tsunami! So how can you avoid your communications falling into the delete, delete trap? Let’s take a look at what the pros do.

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