Using Analytics to Drive Sales Performance

HR Times Video Blog: Insights from IBM Vision 2013

Vision 2013

Posted by Rob Dicks and Merritt Alberti August 13, 2013

Analytics is playing an increasing role in helping organizations improve the way they manage sales and their sales force. Do they have the right salespeople in the right places? Are they selling the right products to the right clients at the right price? Is the compensation program effective, competitive, and understandable? These are the questions analytics is helping them answer, using automated technology like IBM Cognos ICM to replace what is often a home-grown solution. It’s an effort that typically involves not only the sales group, but also HR, Finance, and of course, IT.

Listen in as Rob Dicks and Merritt Alberti talk to HR Times about their experiences helping companies implement sales performance analytics and how it’s helping them grow, manage commissions and other aspects of sales operations more effectively, and keep tabs on regulatory requirements.

Video Transcript: Hear the buzz from #IBMVision 2013

Analytics for Sales Performance Management

We did a presentation yesterday at Vision talking about where customers are using analytics. We talked about the different ways that they are advancing through the journey of using analytics to drive their sales objectives.

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Looking Ahead with Sales Performance Analytics

Behind the Scenes Insights from #IBMVision 2013

Vision 2013

Do the current analytics on your Sales Performance data help drive your future path? Do you find yourself re-hashing the results you already had? Do you wonder if you have the “right” analytics?

Today HR Times goes on location at Vision 2013. Each day we’ll feature behind the scenes insights from what’s happening live at the conference. Today we highlight Sales Performance Analytics – A Deloitte and IBM Perspective. To learn more about the conference, to download reports and to read daily blogs click back to the Deloitte Vision 2013 microsite.

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