Looking at business-driven HR through the supply chain lens

Looking at business-driven HR through the supply chain lens

Posted by Kelly Marchese and Benjamin Dollar on June 5, 2014

A company’s supply chain can be its greatest competitive asset or its weakest link. Its ability to efficiently and cost-effectively plan, source, make, and deliver goods is critical to meeting customer and market needs. Deloitte’s recent study of cross-industry Supply Chain Leadership explores the differences between Supply Chain (SC) Leaders — the 12% of companies rated by their executives as significantly above average in inventory turnover and percentage of on-time, in-full deliveries — and Supply Chain (SC) Followers — the remaining 88% of participants. In almost every area rated, significant differences emerged between SC Leaders and Followers, except one area: talent. Large majorities of both SC Leaders and SC Followers say they are already following leading talent practices. This surprised us. Can talent really be having little effect on supply chain outcomes? We were inspired to look closer.

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Building the Next Gen in Financial Services

Building the Next Gen in Financial Services Posted by Rob Dicks and Linda Quaranto on June 1, 2012

Many financial institutions are in the midst of an all-out effort to redeem, refocus, reposition and generally remake themselves in the wake of the financial crisis and ensuing Dodd-Frank regulations (among others). While the topic of executive compensation has received much attention, the talent implications of industry reform reach far beyond the C-suite and far beyond compensation alone, rippling throughout the ranks of both front-office and back-office personnel.

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Global Business Driven HR Transformation: The Journey Continues

Global Business Driven HR TransformationPosted by Jason Geller and Arthur H. Mazor on December 12, 2011

You can turn to the TV talking heads to hear opinions about the future. Or you can turn to the people in the trenches for an informed view of what really lies down the track.

These words introduce our new book on global HR Transformation and help explain why we created it. Our global HR Transformation consulting practitioners have amassed a unique perspective on the continuing journey to achieve Business Driven HR and address the major challenges organizations face globally larger issues and trends.Most every organization with which we collaborate can share stories about their place along the HR Transformation journey. The strategies we’ve pulled together are grounded in a set of key business imperatives, including:

  • Growth
  • Globalization and Emerging Markets
  • Cost Pressure
  • Talent
  • Innovation
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Risk & Compliance

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Human Capital Trends: Growth is Job #1

Human Capital Trends: Growth is Job #1Posted by Barbara Adachi on March 9, 2012

After the last few years of weathering tough economic times with a cautious strategy of “stabilize and survive,” many CEOs are again placing growth at the top of their agendas. As they look to capitalize on opportunities in emerging markets, expand through merger and acquisition (M&A) and reinvigorate their organizations through innovation, their HR team can be a valuable ally.

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