Finding an Authentic Leadership Voice

Finding an Authentic Leadership Voice

Posted by Tom Morrison on August 7, 2013

In Deloitte’s recent survey of 1,300 business and HR leaders in 59 countries, 61 percent of respondents around the world (64 percent in the U.S.) consider the need to improve leadership development to be a top, highly relevant trend today. That finding certainly jibes with what we hear from clients, and from my experiences recently at a well-known leadership conference. There I interacted with a broad range of executives from all parts of their organizations, with the consensus that gaps in the leadership pipeline are a pressing concern and that the leadership development and mobility programs many have been cultivating over the last 20 years or so aren’t getting the job done.

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New Rules for New Tools

Live from the HR Shared Services Executive Retreat

New Rules for New Tools

Posted by Marc Solow on July 30, 2013

In many organizations, HR has been one of the earliest adopters of cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions as an alternative to traditional ERP or home-grown on-premises systems. Our first panel discussion today at the HR Shared Services Executive Retreat, New Rules for New Tools, features perspectives from both users and a provider of SaaS technology.

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Rollouts, Takeaways Extend #IMPACTHR 2013

HR Times Video Blog from IMPACT 2013 Conference

Impact 2013Posted on May 22, 2013

The conference itself may have ended, but the effects of IMPACT 2013 live on. Every year, this “intimate gathering” gives several hundred HR and training professionals the chance to learn, share, think, plan, and even decompress a bit as they strategize about The Business of Talent® and all the science, technology, research, and experience behind it.

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Today at IMPACT: Finding Your Way in the Shifting Ethos

Impact 2013

Posted by Cathy Benko on April 24, 2013

Do you ever feel like you’re the lead actor in an oxymoron? For example, unemployment is high yet there is a talent shortage. It’s a global economy, yet in his keynote speech yesterday,  “The World is Local—High-Impact HR”  Josh Bersin tells us it’s more local than ever. We seek one-size-fits-all customized work experiences. You flex like Gumby, yet CEOs are saying HR is the least agile of all the business functions.

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Developing Chinese Leaders: Challenge and Opportunity

Impact 2013

Posted by Dr. Katherine Jones and Karen O’Leonard on April 24, 2013

Today at IMPACT 2013, we’re excited to share some highlights of our just-published research about the challenges of building leadership bench strength in China. With so many Western companies already doing business in China or with aspirations to enter the country, the need for effective indigenous leaders is critical. But the differences in leadership styles and capabilities between East and West continue to stymie even some of the most experienced, development-savvy multinational companies (MNCs).

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It’s the Future: Are You Ready?

It's the Future: Are You Ready? Posted by Jeff Schwartz on September 23, 2011

Prior to the recession, the emerging economies of China, India, Brazil and others represented the growth markets of the future. After the recession, that future has arrived — redirecting companies to compete globally for both customers and talent. But how have global markets changed and where should HR executives be focusing their attention?

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