Let the reinvention begin

Insights from IMPACT posted on April 16, 2019.

Our 12th annual IMPACT conference—the largest ever, with nearly 680 attendees—kicked off on Monday in Phoenix with the unveiling of Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report. 

Leading the social enterprise: Reinvent with a human focus comes at an inflection point in the disruptive course of global economic, social, and technological change. And it offers a bold call to action: Organizations must put humans at the center of their business strategies and bring meaning back to the workplace.

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The new CLO: Our transformed role

The new CLO: Our transformed role

Posted by Eric Dingler and Amy A. Titus on June 30, 2016.

The Chief Learning Officer, CLO, is one of the newer members of the C-suite, first appearing on org charts in the late ’90s. At the time, the emphasis was on providing traditional forms of learning (initially in the classroom, later adding online or e-learning) to ensure employees had the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to perform their jobs. This rather narrow view of the CLO’s role has steadily broadened over time.

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“Trickle up” performance management

Team leaders should own this process

“Trickle up” performance management

Posted by Nathan Sloan on May 19, 2015.

When 90 percent of 3,300 business and HR leaders surveyed don’t believe performance management is a good use of their time (see Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2015 report), a desire for change is apparent — and it’s underway. Many companies (89 percent of those same survey respondents) have recently changed or are planning to change their performance management system. Deloitte is no exception: An April 2015 Harvard Business Review article describes how we’re Reinventing Performance Management at Deloitte. We recognize that organizations differ in type of work, culture, etc. But we believe that the thinking and innovation behind the changes we’re making are what’s needed to reverse the dismal perception of performance management and transform it into the driver of business results it’s meant to be.

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Finding the Answer to HR’s Need for Data-Driven Business Results

Finding the Answer to HR’s Need for Data-Driven Business ResultsPosted by William Pelster on January 4, 2013

In HR and elsewhere, we’re in thrall to Big Data – sold on the power that information and analytics can give us as we work to understand our surroundings and make critical decisions.

Big, however, is only one of the ways to measure data’s value. Fresh, original and relevant matter too. When you apply the right knowledge to a challenge, the strategies you form as a result are better. The work of designing and implementing change is easier and more effective. When all the elements align from beginning to end, HR can more easily reach its full
potential to drive bottom-line business results.

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Leading in a (True) Crisis

Leading in a (True) CrisisPosted by Neil Neveras on November 14, 2012

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest “crisis du jour” at work and sometimes it can seem that all you do as a leader is put out fires. But the idea of leading in a crisis took on a whole new meaning recently when I had the opportunity to facilitate the United Nations OCHA and Deloitte Leadership Summit for Humanitarian Coordinators, a collaboration between the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) and Deloitte LLP (Deloitte).

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BYOD: Another Sign of the Postdigital Times

BYOD: Another Sign of the Postdigital Times Posted by Rob Underwood on September 5, 2012

We’ve talked about the postdigital enterprise here on the blog before—how people and their technology tools are becoming increasingly interconnected and how five disruptive forces (social, mobility, analytics, cloud and cyber intelligence) are converging to reshape the marketplace and the expectations of customers and employees. It’s relevant here because so much of what we’re seeing can have an impact on HR. For example, our recent Deloitte study, Devices, Consumption and the Digital Landscape, looks at trends in technology, telecommunications and media. Though not a strictly “HR study,” what it reveals has some decidedly HR-related implications.

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Deloitte University: Practicing What We Preach

Deloitte University: Practicing What We PreachPosted by William Pelster on August 21, 2012

This HR Times blog is about HR professionals talking shop with other HR professionals. So I’m glad to talk about how we at Deloitte are tackling some of the same issues of talent, leadership and learning and development as our clients and HR colleagues. We might also have titled this post, “Why we decided to spend $300+ million during a recession.” Here’s the story.

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