Talent Acquisition – Alignment with the Business

Considerations for aligning your Talent Acquisition function with business leaders during disruption

Posted by Kevin Moss, Sona Manzo, Nicole Brender a Brandis on April 29, 2020.

LEADA booming economy, record growth and the lowest unemployment numbers in half a century have kept Talent Acquisition organizations busy while they searched for talent over the past several years.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed all of that.

In the weeks and months to come, as we all adjust to the ‘next normal’ and respond to this crisis, it’s important for Talent Acquisition organizations to quickly shift their focus in an effort to provide the right level of support for their business in the short-term, while preparing for the eventual recovery. This involves leveraging critical workforce planning and talent forecasting strategies. Each organization will need an approach that meets the needs of their size and scale.

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While there will be no ‘one-size-fits-all” solution, the following framework can be considered across all organizations.

Questions to consider

What should we do in the short term to RESPOND to the COVID-19 crisis?

  1. Determine status of non-critical job requisitions – Work closely with your business leaders to determine which positions should remain open and use this time to review all other positions and identify those that should be put on hold or potentially closed.
  2. Reassign your TA team to help – The COVID-19 pandemic will have other parts of your organization scrambling to deal with crisis-related challenges. Offer up the services of your Talent Acquisition team to help your business leaders in any way they need help. This may be supporting other parts of HR or roles within the business, like answering calls in your call center.
  3. Support your community – Look for ways to leverage your unique Talent Acquisition skills to help your local community. Offer resume tips, help people with virtual interviews, help make connections with other companies that may be hiring. There is an increased opportunity to be good stewards of your community.

Thinking about the next 90-180 days, what are some things that could help us RECOVER?

  1. Make your processes virtual – Take advantage of this time to look at processes that can be virtual – such as using video for interviews or even onboarding.
  2. Prepare for increased applicant volume – If your company is hiring, you should expect to see an increase in applicant volume. Prepare your business leaders for this likelihood and help them see the value of being responsive and in creating a positive candidate experience.
  3. Focus on critical talent forecasting – Partner with your business leaders to establish a hiring forecast so that you’ll be ready to fill positions when the time comes. 

How can we best prepare to THRIVE once we are able to better manage the virus?

  1. Apply lessons learned – One key difference from this time is that many business leaders have likely become accustomed to having remote work (and workers). Take advantage of this ‘next normal’ to implement video interviewing or other virtual tools to help make your recruiting process more efficient.
  2. Consider the alternative workforce – Be proactive in identifying alternative sources of talent, including gig workers, contractors and freelancers. Talent Acquisition leaders have an opportunity to be creative in how they access the talent their organizations need.  
  3. Build a critical talent pipeline – Many are expecting a sharp rebound in hiring once the crisis has subsided. Leading Talent Acquisition leaders will align closely with the business to proactively build a pool of talent to fill critical hiring needs. 

Kevin Moss is a Managing Director in Deloitte’s Workforce Transformation practice and co-leads our Talent Access/Talent Acquisition offering. Kevin works with complex, global and US clients to help them move beyond the traditional model of Attract-Develop-Retain to a new, transformational workforce model to access the right people and capabilities across the workforce spectrum, curate consumer-grade development experience and services, and redesign and create workforce programs and services.

Sona Manzo is a Managing Director in Deloitte’s Workforce Transformation practice and co-leads our Talent Access/Talent Acquisition offering. She brings a focus on stakeholder experience, human centered design, development of innovative programs and leverage of leading and emerging technology to deliver on the talent access and talent management needs of our US and global clients. 

Nicole Brender a Brandis is a Specialist Leader in Deloitte Consulting LLPs Workforce Transformation practice. Her expertise couples strategic vision with practical, hands-on experience helping organizations navigate strategic HR transformation projects which drive value to and impact business success.

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