Leading Practices for Remote Learning during COVID-19

Posted by Michael Griffiths, Julie Hiipakka and Elam Lantz on March 19, 2020.

The coronavirus outbreak is resulting in an ever-increasing list of companies, conferences and other engagements to turn to remote learning. For some organizations that already leverage remote  learning, this may not be a significant change. But for others whose rely on face-to-face collaboration, in-person knowledge sharing, or management by proximity, providing learning opportunities virtually may not come naturally.

To be able to thrive , many organizations and their workers need to work and learn in a different way.  How can organizations rapidly pivot?

A few methods can help organizations rapidly switch gears to transition to a remote learning environment. This is an opportunity to build critical virtual collaboration capabilities within workforces as many adjust to the “new normal” of virtual work and learning.

covid leading practices

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Michael Griffiths is a principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP and leads Deloitte’s Learning & Leadership Consulting practice in North America.

Julie Hiipakka is a vice president and the learning research leader at Bersin™, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

Elam Lantz is a senior consultant in Deloitte’s Learning & Leadership Consulting practice.

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