Using rewards to cement value in M&A deals

Posted on August 9, 2019.

When two companies become one in an M&A deal, there’s an underlying assumption that the transaction will generate value—otherwise why do it? But realizing projected, anticipated value is not guaranteed, and the human elements of the new organization are as important to realizing value as the financial considerations. When two employee groups come together, how can you make rewards decisions that accommodate the combined individuals’ needs as well as support the overall value of the deal itself? AT&T has considerable experience doing just that.

Ben Jackson, who works in AT&T’s Health & Welfare Operations group, maintains that while leveraging leading practices in M&A is certainly important, it’s equally important to tailor your approach to your specific workforce. That starts with understanding who your people are and what they’re looking for. Tune in as he shares his insights in this episode of our Capital H podcast: Unlocking M&A talent value: It’s all about rewards.

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