Everyone expects (and deserves) fair hiring decisions, so how do we get beyond bias?

Posted on August 2, 2019.

Thanks to a combination of awareness, training, and regulatory oversight, most organizations are acutely aware of the need to remove bias from hiring decisions and take steps to prevent it. So you may find it surprising to learn how many different forms of bias exist and how common it is—still—for bias to creep into decision-making.

Kate Glazebrook, CEO and co-founder of Applied, The Behavioural Insights Team’s first tech venture, has been digging deep into how systemic bias impacts quality hiring decisions. Applied is on a mission to use behavioral research to help organizations get beyond bias and find the best person for the job regardless of their background. That involves not only removing the noise and bias from the way candidates are assessed, but also helping organizations get at the skills that are likely to be predictors of performance, and actually testing candidates on the real things they’re going to do on the job.

Hear more from Kate by tuning into this episode of our Capital H podcast: Beyond bias: Bringing behavioral science to hiring decisions.

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