Managing performance in the new workforce ecosystem

Posted on July 26, 2019.

Organizations today are dealing with the evolving needs of the new workforce ecosystem that ranges from full-time workers to freelancers and gig workers. While each of these workers brings the talent and skills to perform their respective jobs, employers need to provide tailored support, guidance, and performance measures to optimize the mix of talent within their workforce. This new workforce ecosystem challenges the traditional methods of performance management and has opened up a debate on whether these methods are still viable and how to better manage this dynamic workforce

At GE, a whole new approach to managing performance, called Performance Development, is making it less about a process and more about providing ongoing, fluid support. Tune in to hear Jennifer Beihl, Senior Manager for Performance, Development, and Culture at GE, explain how they are executing this significant cultural and behavioral change in our Capital H podcast episode, Performance management redefined.

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