Making on-the-job learning part of your talent strategy


Posted by Amy A. Titus and Josh Haims on February 3, 2015.

As work and workplaces continue to evolve, so do many employees’ expectations about what they want from their jobs. A previous model of lifetime employment with one company and aspirations of “climbing the ladder” has given way to career paths that are more fluid and lattice-like. As part of this transition, formal classroom learning often gives way to experiential, on-the-job (OTJ) learning. OTJ learning can not only be efficient and cost-effective in that it takes advantage of learning moments that arise naturally, but also strategic in that it can promote talent attraction and retention by addressing employee desires to keep developing professionally.

That said, shifting from a traditionally structured “push” form of classroom learning to a more informal learning environment where learners “pull” from their everyday experiences is no small feat for some learning organizations. It may require a broader organizational culture shift than what the learning organization might typically achieve. What learning organizations can do, however, is what they often do best: educate and facilitate. Educate leaders about the potential benefits of OTJ learning and what it takes to implement it. Educate managers about ways to support OTJ learning among their people. Educate individuals about how they might turn their OTJ experiences into moments for learning and professional development. And… facilitate collaboration among the learning organization, the business, and the HR/Talent organization necessary to bring OTJ learning to life.

Learn more about implementing the three key OTJ learning components of structure, reflection, and development conversations in the new paper Operationalizing on-the-job learning.

Amy Titus Amy A. Titus is a director in Human Capital within the Talent, Performance and Rewards group of Deloitte Consulting LLP. She is responsible for helping to bring talent, learning, organization improvement, and change solutions to her clients.
Josh Haims Josh Haims is a principal in the Human Capital practice of Deloitte Consulting LLP, with more than 15 years of human capital consulting experience. He leads Deloitte’s Learning Solutions practice and is the co-lead of the global Learning Services team.

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