Video: Curating the Talent Experience and Restructuring Work Environments

Looking at business-driven HR through the supply chain lens

Posted by Cathy Benko on June 30, 2014

Today’s organizations, and CHROs in particular, should think differently about how they attract and develop talent especially during the “Big Shift.” In this video post, Cathy Benko, a vice chairman and managing principal at Deloitte LLP, highlights four dominant themes on CHROs’ agenda: recalibrating their role and skills, and those of their teams, to align with organizational goals; embracing the open talent economy to connect with talent wherever it resides; leveraging predictive analytics to better understand talent needs and trends; and “curating” the talent experience to attract, retain, and cultivate top talent.

As work environments continue to evolve and change, it’s important to grow and cultivate talent. If individuals are engaged and continuously learning, so is the organization, and it will likely be easier to find and pursue new opportunities. At times, this means completely rethinking how holistic work environments are designed. Based on the Deloitte LLP Center for the Edge’s research, organizations, and CHROs in particular, looking to attract and retain top talent, particularly agile workers, should focus on a few key goals as they think about how to accelerate learning and performance and improve the talent experience. In addition, organizations should create a system of change that helps professionals customize their own careers within the larger organization and to align their personal goals with those of the organization. The Center’s research suggests people learn faster if we can design unique experiences for each of them individually, rather than forcing professionals into traditional career path.

Cathy Benko is a vice chairman and managing principal at Deloitte LLP.

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