Social Business: What’s On Your Mind?


Posted on November 6, 2013

Maybe you’ll find that social business has a role to play in resolving your issues and meeting important business objectives, or maybe you won’t. But if you’re like 75 percent of your HR colleagues who responded to our survey and believe social business can fundamentally change the way we work, it’s worth exploring the possibilities. Social networking can provide instant access to people and information throughout the world, giving business the opportunity to engage with customers and connect employees in ways never before imaginable. So why are some businesses benefitting more than others? And how are they benefitting? What kinds of enterprises are benefitting the most?

The second annual global study by MIT Sloan Management Review (MIT SMR) and Deloitte addressed these questions and provided executives with insight into the social business landscape today. It also provided an opportunity to investigate how some organizations are reaping value from social business, and what is holding others back. Core to the research each year is a large online survey of business executives as well as interviews with executives, academics, and thought leaders.

Over the past few months, the Deloitte and MIT SMR team has been working to develop the agenda for our next annual research effort, kicking off this week. While the most recent report showcased cutting edge applications of social business and shared useful data points around the mounting importance of social business, it also led us to ask a series of additional questions:

  • What progress are organizations making in leveraging social data and analytics? Are any particular industries leading the way?
  • What are some leading examples of companies implementing social initiatives in other countries and regions?
  • Are there significant differences between industries in terms of social business adoption levels and types of initiatives?

In order to examine these questions and others, we have developed an online survey to gather your insights and feedback. Your responses will be tabulated and incorporated into our 2013-2014 study.

The survey can be accessed via the link below; and while the actual report will be released in the summer of 2014, we will provide occasional updates of our findings on the MIT SMR Big Ideas site. We welcome your thoughts and insights and look forward to incorporating them into our research.

Social Business on your mind? Take our survey.

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