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Posted by Josh Bersin on October 9, 2013

This week at the HR Technology Conference and SuccessFactors SuccessConnect, we are releasing two years of research in the area of talent analytics. After interviewing more than 50 companies and surveying nearly 500 organizations, we found an enormous opportunity for Human Resources organizations to improve their impact on the business through BigData principles applied to HR.

Here are a few of the findings:

  • Only 14% of organizations in our research have reached the stage of true HR or talent analytics, and these companies have worked hard to get here. But for their efforts, they have seen huge returns – their stock market returns are 30% higher than the S&P 500, they are twice as likely to be delivering high impact recruiting solutions, and their leadership pipelines are 2.5X healthier.
  • In addition to these outcomes, these companies are four times more likely to be considered credible and data-driven by their business counterparts, and they are solving some amazing talent problems through data. They have unlocked the key to sales productivity, employee turnover, customer retention, and many other key problems.
  • Companies are investing heavily in talent analytics now, but seem to be “stuck” at level 2 in our four stage maturity model. The companies on one side of the chasm (86% of respondents) have not invested in data management infrastructure and are still dealing with a reporting backlog; companies on the other side of the chasm (the 14% who have migrated from reporting to analytics) are generating much higher returns. They paid the price.
  • Our research clearly showed that there are no shortcuts here. If you as an organization do not invest in a credible and accurate data management solution, analytics will not provide a credible and actionable solution for your business.
  • In addition to sound data management practices, our research shows you also have to learn visualization, performance consulting, and become pretty close to the business to drive value. This means building a cross-functional HR analytics team that manages recruiting, learning, performance, compensation, and other business data in one integrated way – and partners with the business to deliver solutions to problems, not just nice charts and graphs.
  • Statistics and modeling are important skills – but our research shows that you can hire these skills or outsource them (to companies like Deloitte). Most HR organizations have statistics people around, they just haven’t been organized into the analytics team yet.
  • Talent analytics is a discipline, not a project. Our research shows that these companies built their team over time (3-5 years), they developed a multidisciplinary approach, they partnered with IT, and they learned how to help line managers apply the data to real world decisions. They didn’t’ simply “find things” and produce reports – they actively work with line managers to implement new decision-making tools on the job.

Talent Analytics is a whole new discipline in HR – one that has arrived and one that we now fully understand. Read our WhatWorks Brief for more or join the Bersin by Deloitte research membership to gain access to all our new research, tools, and professional development.

We also announced a new range of Deloitte service offerings in talent analytics – services to help you build the business case, develop a roadmap, and implement advanced models – all with Deloitte’s team who are experienced in SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics and the other tools in the market.

Josh Bersin Josh Bersin is a principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP, delivering analytics, research and tools that employers use as a foundation for day-to-day decision making. He has worked with hundreds of companies to help them deliver high impact employee learning, leadership development and talent management

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