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Impact 2013Posted on May 22, 2013

The conference itself may have ended, but the effects of IMPACT 2013 live on. Every year, this “intimate gathering” gives several hundred HR and training professionals the chance to learn, share, think, plan, and even decompress a bit as they strategize about The Business of Talent® and all the science, technology, research, and experience behind it.

IMPACT is a venue for what’s new, both in tried and true human capital topics that everybody wrestles with as well as emerging issues and trends, such as analytics, agility, social technology, and more. IMPACT 2013 introduced significant research around High-Impact HR—highlighting the next generation of the HR function as it follows a more distributed model. We also kicked off our global research push with a look at leadership development in China, which will be followed by additional studies on how leadership, learning, recruiting, engagement, etc., vary around the world and require tailored solutions.

To see more of what transpired at IMPACT 2013, be sure to check out the posts from our featured presenters below:

  • “The World is Local—High-Impact HR” Kicks off #IMPACTHR 2013
    In his keynote address at IMPACT 2013: The Business of Talent®, Josh Bersin shared his insights on how the global marketplace has become a global network of local markets—a shift that has deep implications for what’s needed to achieve “High-Impact HR”.
  • HR Times Blog: Finding Your Way in the Shifting Ethos
    What can HR leaders be doing to help their organizations become more agile? In her post, Cathy Benko, explained how organizations need to start by dismantling the corporate ladder and then adopting a more lattice approach to HR.
  • Developing Chinese Leaders: Challenge and Opportunity
    Researchers Dr. Katherine Jones and Karen O’Leonard discuss the results of their new research on how Western MNCs are managing the development of their Chinese leaders. Figuring out how—and how much—to customize development initiatives is an on-going challenge.

Josh Bersin Josh Bersin is a principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP, delivering analytics, research and tools that employers use as a foundation for day-to-day decision making. He has worked with hundreds of companies to help them deliver high impact employee learning, leadership development and talent management.

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