Putting the 2013 Human Capital Trends to Work

HCTrends2013” Posted by Michael Gretczko on April 10, 2013

As business professionals and leaders, we all make it a point to keep up with data and research to help us better understand the broader world we’re operating in and excel in our particular piece of it. While the knowledge alone is helpful, what’s even better is when we can put that knowledge to work in practical ways. It was with that goal in mind that we at Deloitte began last year to capture the most important human capital trends outlined in the study, Leading Indicators.

Hear from Michael Gretczko as he provides behind- the-scenes insight on the making of the 2013 HC Trends report. Hear why the time is now to take action.

Believing that broader is better, we cast a wide net to inform the study. We looked at macroeconomic data to consider what’s happening globally in our world; we looked at current research from our colleagues at Bersin by Deloitte and others to add an academic, analytical perspective; and we added practical learning by logging our experiences in the field and observations from our clients. All of these factors went into our selection of the 2013 leading indicators, so we could be confident in their relevance and applicability for business leaders.

Just as important was making the trends actionable—more than a typical white paper of interesting observations to read on the train or plane. We challenged our authors to not only put forth provocative ideas and describe leading indicators, but also to offer practical next steps leaders can begin to take right away. In fact, the most practical action of all became a primary takeaway of the entire study: using the trends to initiate crucial conversations.

These trends merit the attention of the organization’s senior leadership—in fact, we know that leaders in many leading organizations are already having these conversations. We suggest that HR leaders share these trends across the C-suite, starting with the CFO, who will likely have particular insights into the trend toward “thinking like an economist.” CMOs will be critical in melding the talent brand with the corporate brand, CTOs will be interested in the technology implications, and so on.

Our work on developing these trends has convinced us that addressing these issues will be critical if organizations are to continue be successful over the next 18 to 24 months. Don’t wait for a crisis to force action. Now is the time to make the call, schedule the meeting, and begin to tackle the trends purposefully and with the company’s overarching business strategy in mind.

Michael Gretczko Michael Gretczko is a principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Human Capital practice. He focuses on large, complex Global Business HR Transformation using sourcing.

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