HR Times Video Blog: Insight from SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid 2012

At the SAPPHIRE NOW conference in Madrid, Spain, Paul Khanna, who leads Deloitte’s SAP HCM / SuccessFactors global practice, discusses the convergence of talent management and human capital management with advanced technologies, such as analytics and leveraging that for clients.


Hear the buzz coming out of SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid 2012

HCM convergence
As a leading organization on HR transformation and HR technology, we’ve been talking to lot of our clients – big and small — about what’s really making impact to the bottom line and top line of our clients. And what’s really interesting, what’s happening is that we’ve always talked to clients about talent management, HCM initiatives, analytics, cloud, social media and mobility; and few years ago, a lot of those type of topics were still very in the infancy stage. What we’re really seeing now and it’s particularly very exciting is the convergence of all those topics.

Next-generation analytics
A lot of our clients have talked to us about how do we really leverage a lot of the things that we’ve done studies on and bring it to reality. And so, for example, one of the things that we’re seeing at Deloitte is around reporting portals. Not just what we typically have seen around dashboards, etc., while still very important, we are talking about next generation type of analytics.

Predictive modeling
At Deloitte, one of the things that we did really well was look at predictive modeling and one of the things that we’ve leveraged large databases to drive analytics for HCM to show real value is to look at predictive modeling for things, such as turnover. Now, something as simple as when we have looked at all our studies around turnover, we recognize that turnover costs organizations in the millions. Every time employee leaves an organization, they take away IP, take away knowledge, the network, etc. So, we wanted a way to go to an organization and say if we could look into a crystal ball and tell you who are your people that are most likely to leave your organization in the next six, 12, two years out, would that be a value to you? Of course, a lot of interest was gained on that. It sounds a lot like science fiction, but with a lot of the analytics that we’ve done so far, we make that really real for organizations. And so, we’ve seen a big rise in doing a lot more predictive analytics in HCM. Again, because, not only our customers of our customers asking for this type of information, asking for this type of convergence, we’re seeing a lot of that trickle down through the HCM area.

Paul Khanna With over 15 years of experience in technology consulting, Paul Khanna leads Deloitte’s SAP HCM / SuccessFactors global practice.

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