HR Times Video Blog: Recorded Live from Workday Rising 2012

At the Workday Rising 2012 event in Las Vegas, John Malikowski, National Practice leader for Deloitte’s Workday Enabled HR Transformation services, Mike Mitchell, Principal for Emerging Solutions and David Hom, the U.S. Workday leader, discuss the practice’s growth and achievements over the past year from new implementations to global reach and capabilities to the acquisition of Aggressor.


Mike Mitchell
Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Last year we were standing here and we were just launching into our Workday financial practice. And since then we have become involved in eight Workday implementations of the Workday financials. Also working with their design group on grants and management. Probably the most exciting thing we’ve done is Workday financials first implementation that they’re focused on now as part of their business. We’ve implemented one of those and we’re in the process of implementing another. So where we were a year ago we were just looking at Workday financials and working with our clients to having this number of clients and the achievements we had. And all these implementations are certainly meeting the timeline of quickly getting to an implementation on time, on budget, all the things that you would expect. I also think the functionality is getting more rounded out than what it was initially so it’s meeting more of the requirements of the clients so we’re very excited.

John Malikowski
Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

In the short year, we’ve grown to over 290 certified practitioners, the largest in the ecosystem. It’s pulling together country members. It’s pulling together finance people, HR people, data, privacy, transformation, program management and real global operations. It really is allowing us to pull all of the best of our geographic reach and to help our clients with probably the most problematic geographical problems they have in HR and finance. We’ve incubated many countries in the last eight months. The cloud has made it easy to enter. As a result, the UK, Canada, Netherlands, South Africa and Australia are now actively involved in cloud and Workday in particular.

Well there was a big buzz obviously with the integration of our new firm. And our clients now have one single spot to go to. There used to be more Workday focused or transformation practices and now merging them together they love it because there’s change, training, privacy, communications, all other elements around what a successful transformation or implementation would be they can go to one source for any of their global issues or challenges and we can solve any of their needs. So they like it, the accountability is centrally located by the project manager and if they need another skill, geographic reach with people in other countries they can come to us for help.

David Hom
Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Well I think the big news for Deloitte this year is the acquisition of Aggressor. Aggressor was a market leading Workday implementation firm that has been partnering with Workday for the past six years. And our combination in the marketplace has been absolutely incredible. It really has been all around breadth, depth and scale. And what I mean by that is taking the breadth that Deloitte has from a human capital and finance transformation capability, taking the depth that Aggressor brought from a workday implementation perspective and then combining our teams which immediately makes us the best and biggest workday implementation partner on the planet.

I think in the past Aggressor was very much focused on technology-only implementations. Deloitte was focused very much on transformative type engagements and now we can provide clients a full spectrum of service offerings based on what they need and what they want whether that is a very lean or rapid Workday only implementation or a business transformation enabled by Workday and everything in between. So a lot of times what we see are clients that want to do that rapid approach but they need some other types of services: change management, PMO, training development. Those types of services that now we can wrap around and provide the ideal set of services to our clients.

John Malikowski John Malikowski is a principal in Deloitte Consulting’s Human Capital practice with over 25 years of experience in Human Resources and large-scale project management. He is currently the Global leader for Deloitte’s Workday practice.
Mike Mitchell Mike Mitchell has an accounting and systems background with responsibility for managing Deloitte’s Emerging Solutions Edge ERP practice. The Edge ERP practice is focused on next generation ERP technology. For the past 30 years Mitchell has been focused on software applications and technology.
David Hom David Hom is the U.S. Workday leader for Deloitte Consulting LLP. He has 20 years of experience leading technology-enabled transformation, starting new companies and building teams to achieve results. With a distinctive blend of business, technology and people acumen, David brings the vision, integrity and determination to effectively lead and succeed.

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