Working as One: Collective Leadership

Working as One: Collective Leadership Posted by Fred Miller on October 19, 2011

Collective leadership is an approach to thinking about how organizations achieve major goals: deploy new strategies or implement transformational change. It identifies ways leaders can more effectively galvanize their people to work together toward a common purpose. It is a business strategy, rather than an HR strategy, but its emphasis on people and leadership means HR can be an important driver and supporter of the effort (as explained in our Human Capital Trends 2011 report).

Deloitte’s new perspective, called As One , helps leaders better engage with the people in their organization to achieve greater goal alignment and collaboration. So whether you are a leader (or supporting a leader) deploying a new strategy, trying to get people more engaged in an existing strategy, dealing with organizational crisis, or searching for ways to enhance organizational performance, As One is a unique resource designed to help you achieve your business/desired objectives.

Perhaps the most helpful thing I can tell you is that our clients are excited about As One Collective Leadership because it gives them actionable insights into their organization’s most challenging problems. By better understanding how their organizations operate, they may be able to/can take steps to make them operate more effectively.

For example, many clients are using it to assist in the notoriously challenging area of large-scale transformation, such as a global company we’re working with to implement HR shared services and self-service. Several are using it to turn around low-growth situations, such as a financial services company working to repay its TARP funding and a global logistics firm seeking to increase its stock price and implement a number of global projects to enhance business growth. Another, a European banking group, used it to facilitate integration among multiple organizations that had been pulled together after the financial crisis, aided by the insight the As One diagnostic provided into what motivated people in the organization, which turned out to be quite different from what had motivated company leaders when they were rising through the ranks.

In short, collective leadership is a way to bring large groups of people together who are committed to making big things happen. As One can connect HR strategy to business strategy and our clients are excited about it. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to visit the links included here, along with the As One website and explore the possibilities for your organization.

Fred Miller Fred Miller is a director in Deloitte’s Consulting LLP’s Strategic Leadership Integrated Market Offering and the Deloitte Center for Collective Leadership. For the last two years he has been the primary architect of the As One Service offering. Fred has helped several clients through long-term impactful shifts in organization structure and in technology-driven change.

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